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Here at Wowo we are all about campfires. We think that camping without a campfire is totally crazy and that is why we encourage a safe fire in the evenings. Not only do campfires provide warmth and a focal point for the family or group, there is also a magnitude of food can be cooked over or in them.

camp fires camping glamping sussex
camp fires camping glamping sussex

We provide every fire pit (every group) with a metal trivet to cook on top of your campfire. We also provide benches around the fire so in the evenings you can sit comfortably and enjoy the warmth. You can use the trivet to put your own pots on, or tin foil, or any other creative cooking you can think of.

This is why we encourage you to have fires, however it means that you have to respect the dangers associated with having them.

Here is a quick guide:

1. Only use the fire pits provided

2. Pitch your tent at least 2 meters from any fire pit

3. Do not collect any wood yourselves from our woodlands!

4. Ashes and embers might still be hot in the morning

Wowo campsite east sussex camping and glamping


LOGS for camp fires available from reception or the log man.  The easiest way to get them is to pre-book them online at point of booking. When you check in you will then be given a log token which you trade with the log man when he is on his round. 

The log man delivers to each pitch on summer weekends and through the summer holidays. Times will vary depending on where you have pitched. For a rough guide he starts around 5pm and finishes around 7.30pm.

You can also pay for any extra wood you need in cash to the log man. 

If bringing your own wood it is crucial that there are no nails, paint, varnish or any other chemicals that will pollute. Campers feet do not go well with nails nor do car tyres. 

Wowo campsite east sussex camping and glamping


The wood that we sell to you here at Wowo is sourced from a number of places, all of which are sustainable, eco friendly and good quality. We support local small business by buying in from very local wood suppliers.

Our own woods support their own eco system of wildlife which we need to protect. This is why we ask you not to collect any wood from our woodland.

Wowo campsite east sussex camping and glamping


We provide the trivet in the below picture for every firepit, so bring your own pots or tin foil and start cooking over the fire. Below are a few suggestions on what you can do.

1. Wrap jacket potatoes in foil, put on edge of fire to cook. Local butter is stocked in our reception shop (recycled foil too).

2. Check out our seasonal farm grown veg for other ideas to roast- try tasty courgettes; summer and winter squashes with delightful names patty pans, spaghetti squash, uchiki kuri, sweet dumpling to name a few.

3. Make a quick stir fry with our seasonal greens, toss in some delicious local halloumi stocked in reception shop.

4. Popcorn – Make a large bag out of tinfoil and place 50g of popping corn with oil inside. Seal bag leaving lots of space and place on embers. Once popping, turn and shake, then add butter and salt and pretend you’re at the movies.

5. The hardest recipe of all – Marshmallows – only for the most skilled of chef’s.

We cannot accept responsibility for your possessions or any personal injuries sustained while camping or using fires.

camp fires camping glamping sussex