A Centre of Educational Excellence with Really Wild Education and Partners Wowo have teamed up with really Wild Education Ltd to offer schools and colleges a wonderful range of nature-based experiences, personal development camps, team and leadership development days, and lessons or field trips tied into the national curriculum as needed. Services are offered to Primary years/Lower Schools as well as Secondary years/Upper schools.

“A life changing experience! I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and into an experience that I believe will make an amazing mark on my life forever.”

Amanda L. – Student

really wild education school

We offer schools the following services and would love to hear from you so the Really Wild team can discuss you requirements with you.

For Primary Years and Lower Schools: Year 6 and 7 residential camps from 1 to 4 nights (can be themed e.g. Rites of Passage, Stone Age, Egyptians, Scott of the Antarctic, Desert Island etc.)

Pre-history days or half days that bring the KS2 curriculum alive. Bush craft and nature days or half days. Curriculum based field trips on subjects such as geography, maths, science, history, English. PSHE Team building and leadership days developed and taught by experts in this field.

For Secondary Years and Upper Schools: Team building and leadership days developed and taught by experts in this field – ideal for whole school, year groups, house groups, prefects. 

Residential camps from 1 to 4 nights. Survival Academy – survival skills camps from basic to advanced. DofE and CCF survival skills enhancement courses.

Bush craft and nature days or half days. Curriculum based field trips on subjects such as geography, maths, science, history, English, PSHE (GCSE to A Level)

“The team’s dedication and attitude towards life is highly infectious. OneOne can’t help but feel empowered with a greater understanding of life!” Overseas Student

Video of a school’s survival camp:

Wowo campsite east sussex camping and glamping


“Having Really Wild Education work with us year after year is a highlight in our school’s calendar and gives both children and staff in our school a wonderful experience that is not forgotten. They bring our topics to life and cater for all types of learners. As a teacher, it’s great to see how the children interact and really shine – often those children that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to, which makes the whole experience even more special.”

Joe Harvey, Year Head at West Park School

“The outdoor education team at Ravens Wood School wanted its students to experience something special that they would never usually get to do at their age. The Really Wild team certainly delivered! Our students grew as individuals and as a group. They learnt how to use primitive weapons, to make fires and natural shelters, how to responsibly work with knives, how to navigate and how to administer first aid in the field as well, all in the winter months too. Lessons were well planned and extremely engaging. The team’s professionalism and positive attitude throughout ensured a great experience for all. Highly recommended!”

Ollie Nicholls, Outdoor Ed co-ordinator Ravens Wood School

“I would like to thank Really Wild for the wonderful time they gave the pupils of Dorothy Stringer School. The youngsters loved their introduction to bush craft and were totally enthused and engaged throughout. We will definitely be doing it again!”

Bruce Aitken, Outdoor Education, Dorothy Stringer School


The really Wild team comprises professional teaching staff, world-class expedition leaders and wilderness experts and professional coaches and mentors too – a unique combination of skills and experience to provide your pupils with the very best learning and personal development outcomes possible.

Pupils often begin their journey with Really Wild here at Wowo with some then having the opportunity to visit far flung places such as the Arctic and the Jungles of Borneo. Whatever the experience, feedback from our schools is outstanding!

The Really Wild Approach – The Really Wild team will work with your teaching staff to create a learning experience that exactly meets the learning outcomes you seek for your pupils. This may be a link to class topics or the curriculum, behaviour or even school values related. Our approach is to make everything easy and enjoyable for the teacher too – from the paperwork to the actual attendance at an event or camp.

Really Wild Education use a proven methodology for success that links all activities and lessons to each pupil’s own personal situation and environment. This delivers better results back at school, at home and in the each student’s personal life too. Results are often transformational!


Please call the really Wild directors to discuss your requirements or email them at [email protected], citing Wowo as your source of finding them.

Steven Shove on 07771520515 or Mat Barnsley on 07818431902. They will be delighted to help you.


“A very supportive team and great coaching! Great team! Great leadership!” Executives – Proctor & Gamble

The Really Wild Education works with senior leadership teams in industry and academia along with professional staff in their corporate consulting and advisory team at OriginsTM. At Wowo, they have helped leadership teams with the following.

Please let us know if we can help you with your next Inset day to:

  • Work better as a staff team and develop personal resilience
  • More effectively inspire and coach others
  • Lead with authenticity, manage and operate effectively in times of change
  • Use the outdoors to teach and bring alive multiple aspects of the curriculum e.g. science, maths, English, PSHE, geography, history etc
  • Use the outdoors to improve student learning and behaviour
  • Develop a learning and performance based culture
  • Apply the principles of Whole Person and Whole Organisation Performance™


Video of a leadership programme for an SMT:

really wild education school camping glamping sussex


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