wifi at wowo

£2 for 3 hours

£3.50 for 24 hours

£4.50 for 4 days

We have WiFi onsite that covers just over half of the campsite. There are still 2 fields that are WiFi free, but some areas are covered. We have super fast fibre to premises, so once you connect it should be really fast so long as you are not too far from a router.

Wowo campsite east sussex camping and glamping

1. To connect to our WiFi, go to your settings on the device you wish to connect, under WiFi, select “Campsite“.

2. Wait for the pop-up to appear – If it doesn’t, open your browser and try to connect to any webpage, it should then appear.

3. If you are a new user, scroll down and click “Register” to fill in your details. (Otherwise login with your e-mail and password).

4. On the next page, choose how long you would like the connection for, then “Pay” where you fill in your card details or use Paypal. Each payment is valid for 1 device only.

This makes a secure payment to us, giving you access to the internet.

If you have any issues connecting, please head to the reception / shop, we are all happy to help!

wifi coverage map at wowo campsite