Our team is made up of full time dedicated and passionate archers.

All our members are trained instructors, holding DBS & we are fully covered with specific public liability insurance. Many of us have been shooting from an early age, with it being an important part of our lives, and we are inspired by sharing our love of archery with as many people possible.

We aim to share our love of the bow as much as we can, at any event or occasion, and to create the most pleasurable experience of archery. Our focus is upon natural, intuitive teaching, & tapping into the internal knowledge and skill that lies within all of us.

For many thousands of years archery has been used for survival, sport and spirituality, and contains all these aspects within a unique and profound practice.

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golden lotus archery and fencing workshop
golden lotus archery and fencing workshop


Craft a Longbow or Mongolian Horse bow, and learn how to shoot it with accuracy and grace. This is an opportunity to learn traditional skills and techniques to create an highly effective and beautiful bow with which to take home and practice with.

The highest quality materials and tools are used in the construction, resulting in a particularly fast shooting, accurate and attractive bow. Each bow can be exactly made to match the age, size and strength of the user, and can be also personalised with a varied choice of wrappings, handles and decoration if desired.

The finished bows are very durable, and in being instinctively easy to shoot, they are an excellent introduction into archery and the world of bow making. This workshop is held amongst the beautiful woods of Wowo, or if it’s wet, we have the luxury of the magnificent lodge tipi, working around the central fire.

Upon completing your creation, we can then go straight over to the campsite’s own archery range to test out and fine tune your newly fashioned weapon under professional personal instruction. Full guidance and tuition is given throughout the workshop, covering all aspects of bow making, and necessary woodworking skills.

With guidance and instruction, bow making is very accessible although any children attending do often need mutual assistance from a parent or guardian alongside the tutor. The cost of the workshop is £35 per bow for the two hour session, which includes all materials, shooting tuition, fine tuning, and the great satisfaction of hitting the target with a quality weapon made with your own hands.

7+ yrs (All children must be accompanied by an adult, with an age limit of 7+).

2hrs. Sessions run from 10am-12pm on selected dates.

£35 per bow. 10 participants maximum.

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Experience the elegant and exhilarating noble art of sword fencing. Duel your friends or fence the family. As it is naturally instinctive, fencing can be picked-up quickly, making the thrill of sword play instantly accessible and easily engaging.

Due to the emphasis and awareness on safety, fencing is a very safe past time, and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. As we are able to let all ages from 5+yrs have a go, it is something a whole family can do together.

Only lightweight professional fencing foils are used, along with regulation full protective head masks. With paramount attention being given to safety, we have an immaculate safety record in over a decade of teaching fencing, and during a session we offer one-to-one instruction and guidance, with constant supervision.

A fencing session is £6 per person (age 5+). 1Hr. Sessions run from 5-6pm on select dates.


A quintessential English past time, the summer pleasure of casting arrows on the lawn and the genteel thrill of shooting a bow with accuracy and grace…. Why not have a go in one of our drop in Archery dates at Wowo.

Archery is instantly rewarding, transforming spectators into participants, and almost anyone can experience the joyful sense of satisfaction with a quiver of well placed arrows swiftly hitting the target.

Paramount attention is given to safety, holding the archery contained within a strictly cordoned off area, with the use of a three metre high professional backstop safety netting, using the highest quality equipment, we give one-to-one instruction and guidance with constant supervision.

Drop in archery will take place on selected dates over the season at Wowo, often run around 2-5pm costing £5pp.


Archery at a party is an excellent source of constant entertainment, ticking all the right boxes. A classic past time, with bubbly and bows out on the lawn, or the thrill of children shooting properly for the first time with their friends. It is instantly involving, pleasurably challenging, spectator pleasing and offers the opportunity for socialising, and the chance for friendly rivalries (but not revenge!).

Along with the pleasure of pure archery we can do various games, challenges or competitions; balloon busting, foam animal hunting, shot-offs, competitions, duels and tournaments.

Even in the party atmosphere we aim to bring out everyone’s full potential, giving a sweet sense of achievement and satisfaction. Because we give immediate and direct one-to-one coaching, we get everyone started straight off. This way, everyone can come and go as they please, keeping the party flowing naturally and spontaneously. Plus, a running source of activity at an event eases the pressure on parents or hosts, freeing them from having to constantly entertain or supervise everyone, so they can enjoy themselves more too! As well as archery we offer sword fencing as an extra activity which is always an instant winner.

We use professional masks, gloves and fencing foils, and teach how to use them. Fencing is very instinctive, quickly learnt and immensely fun and there is no one who’s never loved playing swords. So after an afternoon of archery, add in a spot of swashbuckling towards the end of the day and you’ve got a unique and memorable celebration.

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