Our team is made up of full time, dedicated and passionate archers, aiming to share our love of the bow and to create the most pleasurable experience of archery. Our focus is upon natural, intuitive teaching, & tapping into the internal knowledge and skill that lies within all of us.

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golden lotus archery


Craft a Longbow or Mongolian Horse Bow, and learn how to shoot it with accuracy and grace. This is an opportunity to learn traditional skills and techniques to create a highly effective and beautiful bow with which to take home and practice with.

The highest quality professional materials and tools are used in the construction, resulting in a particularly fast shooting, accurate and attractive bow. These bows are both beautiful and very durable, and with being instinctively easy to shoot, they are an excellent introduction into archery and the world of bow making.

Full guidance and tuition is given throughout the workshop, covering all aspects of bow making, along with necessary woodworking and crafting skills. Each bow is exactly made to match the age, size and strength of the user, and can be personalised with a choice of decoration.

Upon completing your creation, there would be the chance to test your new bow on the campsite’s archery range with professional instruction. We offer two styles of bows that are made in the workshop:
The Longbow is the standard straight design and is an ideal beginners bow. This bow is £35 to make, and takes an hour and a half. The Horse Bow is the advanced superior model with carved wooden tips, giving greater speed and effectiveness. This bow is £45 to make, and takes two and a half hours.

All bookings are initially made for £35. Choosing the Horse Bow up-grade can be decided on at the time, and paid for in cash (£10) during the workshop should you want to upgrade.

With our guidance and instruction, the workshop is accessible to Children of 7+ with an adult helper. Due to the use of sharp tools, knives and glues, most children do need additional adult assistance, and parent/guardian consent is required.

7+ yrs (All children must be accompanied by an adult, with an age limit of 7+).

2hrs. Sessions run from 10am-12pm on selected dates.

£35 per bow. 10 participants maximum.

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Meet in the field opposite reception by the football pitch.

A quintessential English pastime, the pleasure of shooting a bow with strength and grace. Cast cast a quiver of swift arrows with the thrill and satisfaction of striking home into the target…Why not have a go on one of our drop in Archery dates at Wowo.

Any age can participate. Drop in archery will take place on selected dates over the season at Wowo, often run around 3-5pm costing £5pp.


Archery at a party is an excellent source of entertainment. The thrill of shooting a bow and arrow with friends is instantly engaging and an exciting challenge. Along with the pure pleasure of archery we play various games, with challenges and competitions, balloon busting and tournaments.

In a party atmosphere we aim to bring out everyone’s full potential, giving a sweet sense of achievement and satisfaction. As we give direct one-to-one coaching, we get everyone started straight away, and then they can come and go as they please, keeping the party flowing naturally and spontaneously.

As well as archery we also offer Sword Fencing as an extra activity, which is always an instant winner.
We use professional masks, gloves and fencing foils, and teach how to use them. Fencing is very instinctive, quickly learnt and immensely fun. So in an afternoon of archery, along with a spot of swashbuckling, you have a unique and memorable celebration.

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For all dates please go to the calendar page to see when each individual course is happening. You will also be given the supplements available for those dates when you book camping through the main booking page.

Refund Policy: 30 days notice or longer – 90% refunded. 15 – 29 days notice – 50% refunded. 14 days or less notice – No refund.


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