We know that during the summer holidays it is hard for adults to put down being an adult for an entire holiday, and sometimes need to get work done while also being with the family.

We have had this request many times over the years where a parent needs to connect to WiFi and work for a few hours during the trip. So we have made a solution with a shared workspace upstairs in the reception barn.

Wowo campsite east sussex camping and glamping

It is an adult only, quiet space to get things done. There is also a small kitchenette attached so you can enjoy a tea or coffee to keep you awake. Power sockets are behind every desk and the wifi is fast. For the many heatwaves we get throughout the year there is also air con!

The only charge to use the space provided will be the fee to connect to the WiFi. See full details here.

So if you still haven’t booked yourself a camping trip with the family because you are struggling to get away from the workload, now you can do both! Nights between Sunday to Thursday through the holidays are usually available to book all year round.